How can you stay safe in life and online?

Bike patrols at IU

Not just spinning their wheels

IU police officers are getting out from behind the steering wheel and back into their communities by patrolling on bikes.

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Commit to emergency preparedness

Get certified

Learn about emergency preparedness and response as you earn your Campus Emergency Preparedness Certificate. All IU employees are eligible.

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Phishing: relentless and sophisticated

Don’t get hooked

As scammers use more sophisticated methods, even savvy people sometimes fall victim. Learn how to avoid taking the bait—and how you should report all phishing attempts.

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Ergonomics at work for you

Fine-tune your work environment

Are you in the right chair? Are your keyboard and monitor at the right height and distance from you? How often do you get up and move? Environmental Health and Safety offers a range of online self-help resources and in-person assessments.

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