How can you stay safe in life and online?

Run Hide Fight

Have you watched the video?

This 6-minute video explains the Run Hide Fight concept for surviving an active shooter scenario. The strategies can be used in a variety of settings.

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Ergonomics at work for you

Fine-tune your work environment -- we can help

Are you in the right chair? Are your keyboard and monitor at the right height and distance from you? How often do you get up and move? Environmental Health and Safety offers a range of online self-help resources and in-person assessments.

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A letter to campus

IU should be a safe haven

IUPD-Bloomington Capt. Andy Stephenson penned a letter to campus addressing concerns raised about policing. The sentiments expressed are his but they match those of public safety leadership at IU.

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Data Privacy Day every day

Tools for staff and students

Check out the Critical Data Guide, the Committee of Data Stewards' new website and other tips and resources provided to help keep personal and institutional data secure.

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