How can you stay safe in life and online?

Run Hide Fight

Have you watched the video?

This short video explains the Run Hide Fight concept for surviving an active shooter or aggressor scenario. The strategies can be used in a variety of settings.

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IUPD: Sworn to serve

Striving to improve

A data- and community-informed look at IUPD's approach to using force has resulted in changes in training, data and other tools given to officers.

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Tornado season is every season

Do you know what to do during tornado warnings?

Tornadoes have struck Indiana in every month -- make sure you receive the warnings when issued. Get your IU-Notify emergency alerts by text and consider using a weather radio at home.

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Cybersecurity while traveling

Tools for staff and students

Whether you're traveling across the state or around the world, follow these steps before, during and after your trip to prevent cyber attacks.

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