Emergency Phone Locations

For your safety: Emergency phones

The emergency phone system rings directly to the IU Police Department, and may only be used in emergency situations, such as reporting a crime in progress, an accident, or a need for medical assistance.

Please remember that with anything mechanical there can always be a malfunction even though our emergency phones are tested periodically to help insure that they are in proper working order. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the phone locations and their proper use. Please do not abuse or make false calls on these phones. 

Using the blue light phones

Emergency phones have a blue strobe light at the top which comes on to attract attention when they are activated.


  • Push the button and release.
  • When the phone is answered you will have three minutes to state your message.
  • When your message is completed, push the button again to disconnect the call.
  • Remember to remain calm and talk in a normal, clear tone.