Bomb Threats

Bomb Threat Overview

A bomb threat is defined as “a threat to detonate an explosive or incendiary device to cause property damage, death, or injuries, whether or not such a device actually exists.” All bomb threats are to be taken seriously.

If you receive a written bomb threat, notify IUPD on your campus immediately. Next, complete a quick visual inspection of your area, refraining from touching or moving suspicious objects. Do not use radios, pagers, or cell phones because they could trigger an explosive device. Follow your department’s evacuation procedures.

If you receive a bomb threat by phone, remain calm and write down the caller’s exact words and the time of the call. Check caller ID for a phone number. If possible, solicit the following information before completing the call. Immediately call IUPD and take no further action unless you are instructed to do so by IUPD.

Information to gather from a bomb threat phone call

  • Time and length of the call
  • Exact wording of the threat
  • Age and gender of caller
  • Ask the caller
    • When will the bomb explode?
    • Where is the bomb?
    • What does it look like?
    • What will cause it to explode?
    • What building is it in?
    • What floor is it on?
    • What is your name and address?
    • Did you place the bomb? Why?

Small details often lead to big clues

If you should receive a verbal bomb threat via telephone, be observant of small details. For example, what do you hear in the background? People speaking? Birds chirping? Factory sounds? Television? Radio? Thunder? How about the caller? Do you hear heavy breathing or coughing? Do you hear an east coast or far east accent? Does the caller use profanity? Is the caller calm? Does the message seem to be tape-recorded?

Each detail, no matter how small, can lend itself to a big clue.

Emergency contact information

IUPD from a non-campus phone: 812-855-4111
IUPD from a campus phone: 911
IUPD address: 1469 E. 17th Street

IUPD from a non-campus phone: 317-274-7911
IUPD from a campus phone: 911
IUPD non-emergency number: 317-274-2058
IUPD address: Ball Annex, 1232 Michigan Street, Indianapolis

Columbus Police from a non-campus phone: 911 or 812-379-1689
Columbus Police non-emergency number: 812-348-7388
Columbus Police from a campus phone: 9-911

IUPD from a non-campus phone: 765-973-8429
IUPD from a campus phone: 8429
IUPD non-emergency number: 765-973-8357
IUPD address: Whitewater Hall Room 131, 2325 Chester Blvd, Richmond

IUPD from a non-campus phone (M-F, 8am-10:30pm): 765-455-9363
IUPD non-emergency number: 765-455-9432
IUPD address: Kelly Center, Room 240
Kokomo Police from a non-campus phone: 911 or 765-459-5101
Kokomo Police from a campus phone: 9-911

IUPD from a non-campus phone: 219-980-6501
IUPD from a campus phone: 6501
IUPD non-emergency number: 219-980-6501
IUPD address: 3400 Broadway, Gary
Gary Police non-emergency number: 219-881-1214
Gary Police emergency number: 911

IUPD from a non-campus phone: 574-520-4239
IUPD from a campus phone: 4239
IUPD non-emergency number: 574-520-4239
IUPD address: 2002 Mishawaka Avenue, South Bend
South Bend City Police non-emergency number: 574-235-9201

IUPD from a non-campus phone: 812-941-2400
IUPD from a campus phone: 2400
IUPD non-emergency number: 812-941-2400
IUPD address: 4201 Grant Line Rd., New Albany
New Albany Police non-emergency number: 812-948-5300
New Albany Police emergency number: 911