Missing Student Notification

Missing students who live in on-campus housing

If a student who lives in on-campus housing is believed to be missing, students or other individuals should immediately report this to IUPD; however, IU employees are required to immediately report this to the IUPD. A report should be made by contacting the appropriate campus IUPD office by phone or by filing a report in-person.

IUPD will obtain a report and initiate an investigation, regardless of who makes the report. If IUPD determines that a student has been missing for 24 hours or more, we will notify local law enforcement and inform the student’s designated contact person(s) no more than 24 hours after the student is determined to be missing.

If circumstances warrant, IUPD may determine that a student is missing and initiate these procedures before the student has been missing for the full 24-hour time frame.

Provide your emergency contact information to IU housing

IU Bloomington

Bloomington students in on-campus housing should visit the Residential and Programs Services website.

Bloomington students living in houses rented from IU Real Estate should call 812-855- 3054 or email rlestate@indiana.edu to request a Missing Student Contact Information form.


IUPUI students should visit the Housing and Residence Life website, log into Housing Service Center, and click “Manage My Contacts.”

IU Fort Wayne

IU Fort Wayne students should contact the Purdue University Fort Wayne Police Department.

IU Southeast

IU Southeast students should contact the Office of Residence Life by calling 812-941-2115 or make a report in person at the Meadow Lodge in Room 103.

IU South Bend

IU South Bend students should contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life by calling 574-520-5805, emailing living@iusb.edu, or by visiting in person at the River Crossing Community Center.