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IU Public Safety is dedicated to transparency. Connect with our public information officer, find expert resources, and the latest news and updates from the IU Police Department, Emergency Management and Continuity team, and Environmental Health and Safety unit. 

Public Safety information

  • Indiana University Public Safety includes the following units: Police Department, Emergency Management and Continuity, and Environmental Health and Safety
  • The IU Police Department has more than 200 part- and full-time uniformed officers that serve IU's nine campuses and centers across the state. They are all part of the IUPD and should be referenced as IU police regardless of the campus where they are stationed. 
  • IU police officers are fully certified and meet the same standards as all law enforcement officers in the state of Indiana. IUPD cadets, both students and sworn officers, assist with public safety. 
  • IU Health's Department of Public Safety and police department is not affiliated with the IUPD. Some IU campuses may also have contracted security services that are not affiliated with IUPD.
  • IUPD's data collection, crime logs, and incidents (including alleged incidents) is updated regularly and publicly available on this website.
  • The IUPD's primary jurisdiction for each campus division is its campus; however, IUPD officers also provide mutual aid for community public safety partners and their authority extends across the state. 
  • IU operates its own police academy, the only program in the nation that allows full-time university students to become state-certified police officers.
  • IU has more than 90,000 students enrolled on its campuses and centers across the state and online. The IUPD uses a community policing model, engaging with IU students, faculty and staff daily. 

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