Parking safety for every vehicle

Parking & traffic regulations

All employees and students need to buy their permits online. Visit to buy your permit. Select the permits menu, and login with your IU ID and passphrase. The permit types and rates will vary depending on your university status (i.e. faculty, staff, or student). You’ll need at least one license plate number to complete your transaction, so have that on hand.

An IUPD officer in hi-visibility vest and uniform directs traffic on a warm summer's day.

Safety-related vehicle issues

It's important to follow safety guidelines, especially with our modes of transportation. If a vehicle poses a hazard to anyone's safety on campus, IUPD will remove it.

For your own personal preparedness, look to our information on travel safety.

If you’re a pedestrian at any point on any IU campus, look to our information on traffic & pedestrians.

Appeal form for parking violations

Complete your parking violation appeals at You’ll be notified if your appeal is accepted within 14 days of the citation date.

Daily/visitor parking

Visitor parking is available on campus using a daily permit. Daily permits are available for use in general permit parking lots. You can buy permits at the automatic dispensers located near each entrance to campus. Or, you can buy them at the IUPD office during business hours.

Departmental, event, and arranged parking requests

Only a university sponsor can receive parking for their event. University sponsors are either a department, program, or registered student club. Events that charge admission will not receive free parking.

Bicycle parking

Ensure your safety and everyone else’s by parking your bicycle in a bike rack. Other designated areas to park bikes are okay too, if marked as such. Worried about your bike getting stolen? We have some theft prevention tips.