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What is IU Notify?

IU Notify is Indiana University’s mass communication tool for alerting students and staff to immediate dangers, such as severe weather, hostile intruders, or ongoing threats that could cause harm like unsolved robberies and sexual assaults. The messages can be sent to cell phones (voice and text) and land-line phones, email, digital signs, and some desktop computers.

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IU Notify also is used to announce and provide guidance in an emergency or critical incident and to communicate relevant updates.

IU or campus administration will activate the system based on the circumstances of a particular situation. Since the university’s eight campuses include nearly 100,000 students and more than 20,000 faculty and staff, a system that sends out messages to everyone via several different media is necessary to ensure that anyone with a need-to-know is informed as quickly as possible.

To prepare for an emergency situation, IU will test the IU Notify system at least once per year. This ensures that we can resolve any issues that could occur when sending an emergency notification using contact information supplied to the university for this specific purpose by faculty, staff, and students.

The tests are in line with the requirements outlined in an amendment to the Clery Act, signed by President George W. Bush on August 15, 2008. This act, which focuses on higher education, requires all emergency response and evacuation procedures be tested on an annual basis.

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IU’s emergency notification system will be used to announce and provide guidance in an emergency or critical incident. IU Notify will also communicate relevant updates for these situations.

In general, an emergency is considered to be an ongoing situation that involves death, serious injury, or threat of death or serious injury to people. An emergency might also infer significant damage to university facilities, property, data, or significant disruption of university operations.

Test messages will be sent through IU Notify at least annually to ensure that the system is working properly.

The IU Notify service is for current students, faculty, and staff. If IU Notify isn’t available to you, you likely have former status and are not eligible for such notifications.

Additionally, you cannot use this process to opt into text messaging for departmental cell phones. For special handling of departmental cell phones, contact the Support Center.

To review and update your personal Indiana University contact information for notification in the event of an emergency:

  1. Go to Emergency Notification Settings (IU Notify) in One.IU, and click Start.
  2. Add, edit, or remove phone numbers to receive emergency alerts via call and/or text message. Note the following:
    • You cannot edit your campus phone number in the IU Notify app. If you have a private office number at which you want to receive alerts, enter it under your required campus phone number in the “Landlines” section.
    • You can add mobile phone numbers to either the “Cellular” or “Landlines” list, but only devices listed on the “Cellular” list can receive text messages. If you list the same number in both lists, it will be contacted twice.
    • Alerts will go out to all numbers listed.E
    • Emergency messages can occur at any time.
  3. Choose how you would like to receive notifications for all devices in the “Cellular” list (note: standard phone call and text messaging rates apply):
    1. text and voice alerts
    2. text messages only
    3. voice alerts only. (Phone numbers in the “Landlines” list will only receive voice alerts
  4. Your IU email address will always receive alerts. Enter any additional email addresses at which you would like to be notified.
  5. Choose your campus. You can select any additional campuses for which you’d like to receive alerts.
  6. Read the user agreement (copied below) and check the box acknowledging that you have read and understand the risks of opting out of alert methods. Then click Save preferences.

If you choose to remove delivery methods for emergency notifications, you must acknowledge responsibility for life safety issues when limiting delivery of alerts by the university. The university does not recommend opting out of any delivery method because emergencies can eliminate delivery methods, such as oversaturated cell phone towers prohibiting voice and/or SMS text delivery to cell phones.

You will be prompted yearly to verify your contact information.

The key to successful communication during emergency situations is the accuracy and variety of contact information in the system. As such, Indiana University is working hard to encourage everyone to verify, update, and add contact information in the IU Notify system. In an emergency, Indiana University will send notifications to any or all of the following phone numbers and email addresses currently on file for you. IU Notify allows for SMS text delivery to cell phone numbers and the option to receive both voice and text, text only, or voice only to those numbers.

Report the particular situation to iunotify@iu.edu and we will investigate your phone numbers and what was reported for your numbers. In addition, you should make sure that you have selected the text messages option.

IU Notify opt-out acknowledgment statement: If you choose to “opt-out” of any IU Notify delivery method, you increase your risk of not being notified. You will not receive alerts via those methods for any campus emergency or urgent situation, including but not limited to campus closure, class cancellation, or a specific threat to your safety, such as an active shooter. There are risks inherent in choosing to opt-out of delivery methods, including the risk that you will not receive critical communication from the University and therefore, you may not have necessary information to stay safe in emergency or threatening situations. If you have any responsibilities for the welfare of staff, faculty, students, and/or visitors on campus, or supervise any such individuals on campus, it is important that you maintain multiple delivery points (i.e. cell and home phone) so you will receive necessary information in an emergency.

No, the general public (including parents) cannot sign up for IU Notify. If you would like a parent or other individual to receive IU Notify messages you may add their phone number and email address into your profile.

Yes. You can subscribe for alerts to as many campuses as you wish. Visit the IU Notify page in One.IU to sign up.

Your contact information is pulled from the information contained in your student record (for students) and your HR record (for faculty and staff). As a result, you will have a record for each campus appearing in your official HR or student record. For instance, if you are a full-time student at IU Southeast and a distance student at IU Bloomington, you will have a record for both campuses and you will receive alerts for both campuses. You can select your “home” campus by deselecting your current home campus and selecting at least one campus.

IU Notify alerts will have the following headers and email addresses for each campus:

  • IUPUC Columbus: alert@iupuc.edu
  • IUPUI Indianapolis: alert@iupui.edu
  • IU Bloomington: alert@indiana.edu
  • IU East: alert@iue.edu
  • IU Kokomo: alert@iuk.edu
  • IU Northwest: alert@iun.edu
  • IU South Bend: alert@iusb.edu
  • IU Southeast: alert@ius.edu

IU-Notify alerts have been set up to bypass IU-managed spam filters but may be caught by spam filters offered by other e-mail providers. To ensure that alert messages reach you be sure to add the following e-mail address for your campus below to your list of safe senders.

In some cases, you may receive these messages from an @getrave.com address. This functionality is rare in Rave’s system (IU’s contracted vendor), but can happen occasionally. Messages should still be treated as real and authentic.

For text messages, all messages will contain the carrier code of 67283 or 226787.

IU Notify alerts will come from the following numbers for each of the IU campuses:

IU Bloomington: 812-855-6999

IUPUC: 812-348-7222

IUPUI: 317-274-6999

IU East: 765-973-8999

IU Kokomo: 765-455-9499

IU Northwest: 219-980-7299

IU South Bend: 574-520-4999

IU Southeast: 812-941-2000

Tune into local media. Concerned persons can call the campus status phone numbers listed below.

  • IU Bloomington: 812-855-9227
  • IUPUC: 812-348-7200
  • IUPUI: 317-278-1600
  • IU East: 765-973-8200
  • IU Kokomo: 765-455-9499
  • IU Northwest: 219-980-6500 | or toll free: 888-968-7486
  • IU South Bend: 574-520-IUSB (4872)
  • IU Southeast: 812-941-2333

Parents, students, faculty, staff, and others can call 812-941-2567 for a looped informational message with up-to-date information.

You can send an e-mail to iunotify@iu.edu.