IU Police Department

We’re looking out for your safety

The IUPD is a vital part of the community of every Indiana University campus.

Your safety is our primary goal, whether we are managing a crisis, looking for ways to reduce crime, or directing traffic at an athletic event. Our officers are fully certified and trained to meet the same standards as any law enforcement in the state of Indiana.

We are always looking to partner with you—students, faculty, staff, and visitors—to help keep IU campuses as safe as possible through our programs, services, and educational resources.

Protect yourself, stay aware

Personal preparedness

IUPD officers are available 24/7, but a threat to your safety can develop quickly. Learn how to keep yourself in social situations, on roads and bike paths, and more.

Get safety tips

Safety training & community engagement

IUPD officers offer instruction in important crime reduction and and safety skills. such as verbal judo and strategies for surviving an active shooter situation.

Our programs and services