Programs Involving Children & Policies

IU Public Safety policies and procedures

Public Safety policies at Indiana University address such issues as firearm possession, child safety, video and electronic surveillance, and drones. Included below are policies in use at all the Indiana University Police Department campus divisions concerning such policing issues as jurisdiction and vehicle operations during pursuits.

More policies will be added as standard approaches to public safety issues are developed at IU.

Programs Involving Children Policy

The PIC policy was created to protect children attending programs and activities at IU. The PIC policy does this in different ways, including background checks, registering programs involving children, mandating individual guidelines for these programs and emphasizing legal duties to report child abuse.

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Possession of Firearms and Weapons Policy

Possession of a firearm on Indiana University property is prohibited, regardless of any permit to carry a firearm. The prohibition does not apply to law enforcement officers authorized to possess a firearm, either on or off duty, by the employing law enforcement agency.

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Tobacco-Free Policy

The use or sale of tobacco, tobacco products, and smoking-related products is prohibited in university-owned university-operated, or university-leased vehicles.

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Unmanned Aircraft (drones and model aircraft) Policy

Approval from IU and the FAA is required before anyone can operate an unmanned aircraft on or above IU property.

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Video and Electronic Surveillance Policy

Video and electronic surveillance systems may be installed and operated following prior review and written approval by the designated campus authority and only as outlined in this policy and procedures.

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Policy for the Exercise of Extended Jurisdiction by IUPD Officers

Indiana University Police Department officers are authorized to use their police powers throughout the state of Indiana, not just on Indiana University campuses.

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