What is IU-Notify?

IU-Notify is Indiana University’s mass communication tool for alerting students and IU employees to immediate dangers, such as severe weather or hostile intruders, and ongoing threats that could cause harm, such as unsolved robberies and sexual assaults. The messages can be sent to cell phones (voice and text) and land-line phones, email, digital signs and some desktop computers.

IU-Notify also is used to announce and provide guidance in an emergency or critical incident and to communicate relevant updates. IU or campus administration will activate the system based on the circumstances of a particular situation. Since Indiana University has more than 90,000 students, faculty, and staff on its eight campuses, a system that sends out messages to everyone via several different media is necessary to ensure that everyone who needs to know about an emergency is informed as quickly as possible.

In order to be prepared for an emergency situation, IU will test the IU-Notify system at least once per year. This ensures that we can resolve any issues that could occur when sending an emergency notification using contact information supplied to the university for this specific purpose by faculty, staff and students.

The tests are in line with the requirements outlined in an amendment to the Clery Act, which President George W. Bush signed on Aug. 15, 2008. One requirement of the higher education act is that all emergency response and evacuation procedures be tested on an annual basis.