Programs and Policies

IU Programs, Policies, Resources, and Tools for EHS Compliance

IUEHS governs and delegates responsibilities to environmental health and safety through policies, programs, manuals, and guidance.  An extensive list of programs, forms and supporting documents can be found in the IUEHS Document Library.


University policies are approved and adopted by the Board of Trustees, and must be followed by all academic appointees, staff, and students as applicable to their positions and activities. Policies are developed and adopted as necessary to support a university mission or goal; to promote consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness; to mitigate or manage significant institutional risk; or to assure compliance with Federal or State laws, rules, or regulations.

Programs and Manuals

IUEHS Programs and Manuals are incorporated by reference within Indiana University policies.  Programs and Manuals typically elaborate in greater detail the requirements necessary to comply with the Policy and/or Federal, State, and local regulations. IUEHS programs define their purpose, the policies or regulations that they support, departmental and individual responsibilities for implementing them, required training, and detailed compliance steps when applicable. IUEHS Programs or Manuals are generally applicable to all campuses unless otherwise specified in the Progam or Manual.


In addition to programs, IUEHS has also developed guidance documents to assist faculty, staff, and students in complying with program requirements. Guidance documents include standard operating procedures (SOPs), guidelines, posters, brochures, and other materials. Guidance documents may be applicable to specific activities and processes or to specific departments or campuses, and are generally brief. They often provide step-by-step instructions for maintaining compliance.

Forms and Applications

IUEHS has developed many forms and applications that provide portals to access IUEHS services and assistance or provide templates to facilitate compliance.


IUEHS has developed a broad range of online and in-person training presentations and materials to support compliance with EHS policies and programs and educate faculty, staff, and students on their role in protecting themselves and the environment while participating in University activities.